Making these the very best years of your life

Senior living at Rockwood at Whitworth is about so much more than healthcare and a place to call home. It’s about truly living life well—surrounded by people you enjoy, and who love spending time around you. It’s about the power of human connection between residents, their families and friends, and our staff. Our community is a beautiful place to live not just because of the amenities or services, but because the people here really do make each and every day one that is full of life and joy.  

The fun starts just outside your front door 

Catch a game with friends at Pub 101. Enjoy a crisp fall afternoon on the outdoor patio. Take an art class or challenge a neighbor to a game of cornhole. Or just enjoy a hot, fresh cup of coffee and a pastry from Rituals Café and ease into your day with a good book. Our campus is buzzing with activity and entertainment options when you want them, and plenty of places to enjoy a quiet moment or two when that’s what you’re looking for. And it’s all within walking distance from your home, always.  

Living in the heart of North Spokane 

We’re proud of all of the fantastic restaurants, services, wellness programs and more that we’ve made a core part of the experience on campus at Rockwood at Whitworth. But we chose this location because North Spokane offers such an amazing mix of dining, entertainment and shopping options that are practically right around the corner. Enjoy dozens of restaurants–from exciting gastropub creations to relaxed family dining, there’s a spot for any taste. Residents get access to lots of arts, entertainment and sporting events on campus at Whitworth University. Plus, downtown Spokane is just a short drive and offers a fantastic mix of entertainment and more that’ll keep visiting friends and family busy for as long as you like. 

The power of lifelong learning 

Our community’s affiliation with Whitworth University is about more than just attending games and artistic performances. Residents are encouraged to take classes (at a discounted rate) at Whitworth University and enjoy alumni privileges at the campus library. You can even access campus dining venues or share your experiences through impactful mentorship opportunities. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the energy that comes with a strong intergenerational relationship between our campuses.  

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