The heart of the Rockwood promise

We like to say that Rockwood at Whitworth feels like one big family. But here, family means more than just a daily greeting or spending time together. It means looking after one another no matter what we might need, thanks to the Rockwood Residents’ Foundation.  

Philanthropy is an important part of life at a Rockwood community. In 1990, a group of residents formed the Rockwood Residents’ Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises funds and acts as stewards of those donations to enhance the lives of Rockwood residents and employees.  

The Foundation serves residents and employees in a variety of ways. For example, no resident has ever been asked to leave a Rockwood Retirement community due to an inability to pay (such as when someone outlives their finances). The Foundation also supports important employee education efforts and community improvement programs, and so much more. Here is a sampling of the types of programs championed by the Rockwood Residents’ Foundation.  

Residents’ Assistance 

Life can present unexpected challenges, but Rockwood is here to help during difficult times. Residents have the assurance that if they outlive their resources through no fault of their own, the Foundation, in partnership with Rockwood, will pay for them to continue living at Rockwood and getting the care they need. There are two ways a donation to Residents’ Assistance can be designated: as part of the Endowment or for Immediate Need purposes. 

  • Endowment: the money donated is never spent; instead, the earnings generated by the fund are used to fund Residents’ Assistance in amounts determined by the Foundation Board. 
  • Immediate Need: money can be designated by the Board to be spent any time deemed necessary. 

Staff Development Fund 

Rockwood is a strong proponent of supporting their employees in all ways possible, which includes helping them further their education, provide special training, or develop professionally. To do this, the Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships to employees and their children who are furthering their education to make a better life for themselves. 

Employee Financial Assistance Fund 

Money can be a stressful topic, especially for those who are trying to provide for themselves or family while experiencing unexpected financial expenses.  To help lighten the burden, we provide grants to employees going through financial hardships. 

Community Benefit Fund 

This fund provides support for enhancements to residents’ and employees’ quality of life, benefiting the entire Rockwood community. Funds are available to enhance programs and services beyond the normal operating budget. This fund also provides monetary assistance for employees applying for U.S. citizenship. 

Giving that changes lives is easy 

The Rockwood Residents’ Foundation exists only because of the generosity and support of our community residents. There are multiple ways to give, including:  

Rockwood Legacy Circle

Become a member of the Rockwood Legacy Circle today. You can make a planned gift through your estate, a bequest, life insurance policy, charitable trust, IRA, retirement account, or by designating all or a portion of your refundable contract to the Foundation. Your planned gift makes you a member of the Rockwood Legacy Circle. 

Direct giving 

Donations can be made for any reason at any time. Tax-deductible gifts can be made in memory or in honor of someone, for a special giving campaign, or just because. We accept qualified Charitable Distributions, and have the capability to create and benefit from Charitable Remainder trusts.  

Rockwood Residents’ Foundation Tax ID 91-1472275 

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